Which recent US president did the most to stop climate change?

Although president Obama signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, which was a major international effort to combat climate change, his domestic policies on climate change were often opposed by Republicans in Congress.

What more could Obama have done?

There are a number of things that President Obama could have done. For example, he could have pushed for stronger domestic policies, such as a carbon tax. He could have also used his platform to raise awareness about the issue and to rally support for action.

Which American president has done the most to stop climate change?

President Obama did sign the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. However, the United States has not yet ratified the agreement, and President Trump withdrew from it in 2017 (before Joe Biden rejoined in 2021!).

Did President Trump do enough on climate change?

No, President Trump did not do enough on climate change. In fact, he has rolled of the Obama-era policies that were designed to combat the issue. Additionally, he has repeatedly denied the science of climate change, and has even said that he believes it is a hoax.

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